Summer car care tips and essential items for the road

If you are planning on going on a vacation this Summer and aim to save money by driving, you should ensure that your vehicle remains in tip top condition in case any problems arise whilst on the road. We have a series of Summer car care tips for you to remember now, which you’ll probably find helpful.

It goes without saying, but if you haven’t sent your car in for a maintenance check up before you head out on the road, this is the first step you should take in ensuring your car is safe for you and most importantly, your passengers.

Another factor which may be a no brainer, is to check your air con. Imagine how you would feel if it suddenly stops working while you’re driving in 30-35 degree temperatures, nobody is going to like that.

Consider this a mini checklist as well, as any driver should have their lights, filters, oil, tires and windshield wipers checked first before starting your trip. These may feel like obvious things which you would never forget, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If this article has helped you, head to Autoheroes here, as they include some emergency back up items that you should pack if you run into trouble.



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