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Starhawk PS3: Release date info, must see E3 2011 gameplay

One of Sony’s E3 announcements that seemingly went under the radar at the event was the unveiling of Starhawk, the ‘spiritual’ successor to popular online multiplayer game Warhawk. E3 brought all-new details on the game, including the very first gameplay for it.

While Warhawk fans would have been delighted to hear that another game is on the way, perhaps there was slight disappointment in the air, as Sony confirmed that the game wouldn’t release in 2011, instead it will come out sometime in 2012.

Starhawk looks to build on the key elements of Warhawk, retaining 32-player online support, while this time to action moves into space combat. The game will also have support for online split screen, as well as 720p HD resolution – although that goes as standard in this day and age.

There’s a good chance that you haven’t seen any gameplay for Starhawk yet, but you’ll be glad that we have delivered for you. Below we’ve added a HD video of a Starhawk E3 feature courtesy of IGN, while we’ve also included a second video which gives you almost 10 minutes of unedited gameplay! – However the quality is not so good since it’s taken directly from Sony’s E3 game floor.

After seeing what the game runs like, do you feel like this is a title that you want to pick up in 2012? If you’ve played Warhawk before, let us know your initial impressions of this follow-up title. We think it looks great, particularly the fact that you can run around and start building support structures when you come under fire. Check it out below.



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