Sony opens door for cross-platform gaming, Microsoft slams door shut

By Alan Ng - Jun 9, 2011

Many of you may be still deciding which company ‘won’ E3 after their respective press conferences earlier this week, but we have a few factors which suggest that Sony are definitely heading in the right direction for the future – cross platform gaming.

Yes, the rare feature that once scared the living daylights out of Sony, but not anymore it seems. At E3, Sony gave gamers an insight into their future steps on making cross-platform functionality a regular feature on their future hardware and software, and also sent out a strong message to Microsoft who are less-keen on opening up their hardware for such use.

Sony demonstrated their plans by first dropping a bombshell to those who are familar with the MMO game EVE Online. Sony, along with developers CCP announced that upcoming FPSMMO DUST 514 will be coming to the PS3 as an exclusive title, and aside from being free-to-play, it will also feature cross-platform online play with EVE Online players on the PC since the two universes are closely linked together.

If you thought that was good, Sony later unveiled a game for the PS Vita portable which will feature cross-platform play with the PS3. That game is called Ruin, a hack and slash type game and a video we’ve included below shows how you can switch gameplay from PS Vita to PS3 in an instant and transfer save files from one platform to another.

If this is an indiction that Sony plans to open up their PlayStation Network further to allow titles to support cross-platform play, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. A big thanks probably has to go to Gabe Newell of Valve, as Portal 2 is the most recent PS3 title to support cross-platform play with PC and Mac, and it looks like it’s now opened the floodgates for bigger and better things to come.

Newell has also been quite critical on the way Microsoft locks down their Xbox Live and stated in the past that it was difficult to deliver patches and new content to players, whereas he feels Sony is now more open to this – resulting in the PS3 copy of Portal 2 coming with a version of Steam.

Our predictions is that DUST 514 will probably end up being a huge player for Sony and the PS3 next year, just the average gamer doesn’t realise it yet. It’s a well known fact that gamers love cross-platform play, and the fact that Microsoft doesn’t appear keen to support it will be frustrating for Xbox 360 users – although the average 360 user will still be satisfied with Modern Warfare 3.

If you are intrigued about Sony’s u-turn on cross-platform gaming on the PS3, let us know your thoughts on this. Are you excited about trying out DUST 514 next year? What PS3-PC games would you like to see in the future, we’re throwing Counter-Strike out there for starters.

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  • Anonymous

    LOL! The idiot who wrote this article is a delusional asshat. Dust 514 is going to fall flat on it’s face, because it’s a PS3 exclusive, the community is going to suck for that, as the PSN community(or lack thereof) usually does. It’s also going to fail because it doesn’t look as remotely as interesting as you claim.

    As for Xbox Live, the fact that Microsoft watches it closely and keeps it closed, is why it wipes the frickin’ floor with PSN, and always. You don’t see Xbox Live going down for a month due to amateur hackers and shitty security. You also don’t see cross game chat and invites on Sony’s platform, something Microsoft has had practically forever. The feature set, community, quality of service, and security just embarrasses PSN.

    Microsoft won’t even flinch at this game being a PS3 exclusive.

    • mag256

      Where’s your xbox game that can handle 256 players on 1 map?
      Sony did not add cross game chat because it already existed for decades and they would rather not copy ideas.

      Psn was free to begin with, why in the world anyone would hack a free service is beyond me.

  • slammr28

    Right on Sony!!!

  • That is awesome! I love Sony even more now!

  • Quite a leap from “They announced a PS3 game that can partially play with the PC companion” to “Sony is now the best cross platform and microsoft are closed.”.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure that cross-platform play ever scared Sony – from the start, they’ve pushed the PS3 as an open system (being able to import UT3 mods from PC, for instance).  The stuff they’re getting into now though, and the stuff Valve has done with Steam, is awesome :).

  • Anonymous

    Sony opened there console and look what trouble they have now? i have been a gamer all my life i do not care for cross platform games.

    as for the statement “although the average 360 user will still be satisfied with Modern Warfare 3.” fanboy much?

    not all xbox gamers get wet for CoD games and not all average gamers care to even buy the game yearly

    Anything can happen in the next year but for now

    • u sound like one of d million dissappointed fanboys! lol. switch to sony! money well spent!

    • richy dumont

      sounds like someones got their pantys in a bunch over the article. as for me X platform is great. if your a “gamer” you kno the more players the better. unless your an anti-social hermit that is.

      • Anonymous

        I have all 3 consoles, PS3 to me is not money well spent for what you get in the box. Sony only just recovered from the worlds most famous Hack in history.

        So i think it a little to soon to be praising Sony for plans it has for a years time when it all could turn out to be a big flop