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Shake Up Your Mind 1.0: Everyday decisions made easier with iPhone app

Try a fun way to end those undecided feelings of what should be done and when. Use Shake Up Your Mind 1.0 and your everyday decisions are made easier with the iPhone app, also available for the iPad and the iPod Touch.

Shake Up Your Mind by Albino Pixel Limited gives you the opportunity to make a firm decision on the spot. Had a few drinks and can’t remember whose turn it is buy the next or you don’t know what to wear, just Shake Up Your Mind and carry on with your routine.

The easy use app has a simple system for editing your decisions or adding new options. Put in as many people as you like and use their photograph and Twitter name. Search data to see who comes up more on average, especially if someone feels they are being picked more often than others are.

Alert users when it is their turn and tweet others to get collaborated proof. Get those time consuming decisions out of the way and let Shake Up Your Mind act out your lack of impulse. To find out more on pricing and availability, head over to the App Store.



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