RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook 3G now available, still no 4G

RIM will be hoping for success in the tablet market with their BlackBerry PlayBook. The device has already a Wi-Fi version launched and rumors have since been surrounding the release of their 4G version which the company promised.

We have previously brought you news of its Wi-Fi release on Sprint before then bringing more news of hints that the 4G model would also be appearing on Sprint soon, however no exact date, just a window of time suggesting summer time.

Today thanks to the article at Slashgear we can reveal that for now the PlayBook will only be available on 3G rather than 4G, despite promises. It is thought that the lackluster of sales, which has led to carriers’ hesitancy, could be the reason for this. Verizon has even said they have not made a decision as to whether they will be carrying the device.

The tablet has not had the warm welcome it would have hoped for and has some work to do before the rumored 10” version gets released as so far it has had mediocre reviews. Check out the full article at the link above for more details about the 3G version.

Will you be getting the PlayBook?



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