Record prayer messages for your children with an iPad app

By Marlon Votta - Jun 9, 2011

If you are elsewhere when it is time for prayers with those little ones, record prayer messages for your children with an iPad application.

Wee Pray – Pray with Me by Dawn Kempf is the ideal app if you are out for their bedtime. Maybe you have work commitments or you are out late. Family members like aunties and grandparents would like to leave messages for your children. With Wee Pray, you can record a message or prayers for children so your child can feel pleasure in that familiar voice.

Add images and photos from the built-in camera or use your own, put in your name and record up to four prayers or each view. With four prayers available a bedtime prayer, I love you prayer, a mealtime prayer and a good morning prayer which is great for letting them know that you involved in their new day. The Wee Pray application also has six views for you to choose.

Using Wee Pray is simple; just select a chosen view, photo and record with the setup options. Send an audio message with email so when it arrives all you have to do is hold down the audio message in the Wee Pray app and it is saved automatically. Add messages at night for playing in the morning and change them as often as you like.

This is also a great app for sharing special thoughts from school friends and family giving wishes to a sick child. For more details, visit the App Store.

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