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Mortal Kombat 9 DLC: Skarlet fatality 1 and 2 revealed, most gruesome in game

For those of you who are thinking that there wouldn’t be anything new to talk about in relation to Mortal Kombat during E3 2011, think again. We’ve got a video interview with co-creator Ed Boon to show you now, which reveals the fatalities for one upcoming DLC character that has never been seen before.

For those of you who are unaware, Scarlet will soon be joining the Mortal Kombat roster as a DLC character. The exact release date of her appearance hasn’t been locked down yet, but Ed Boon confirms that she’ll land any moment now so we expect this month at least.

During his interview with GameTrailers, new footage revealed her two fatalities that will be featured in the game, and one of them in particular is definitely a candidate for the most gruesome fatality contained in the game. To describe it as nicely as we possibly can, Skarlet makes her self invisible in a pool of blood, reappears impaling the opponent upon two blood spikes at either sides of their body, stabs them in the stomach and then proceeds to eat the contents and blood that flows down – we’re not sure even Kratos can compete with that!

If you can find a fatality more violent in the game so far, we’d love to hear what it is, as we think Skarlet’s second fatality tops the list now. Check out the included video below to see the complete video, the fatalities section is about half way through the video.



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