Les Paul Google Doodle: Guitar notes explained, what can you play?

It has been a while since we last reported on a Google Doodle but having seen their latest creation, we definitely couldn’t pass it by. Google has put up a new interactive Les Paul doodle on their homepage, letting users get a taste of the guitar pioneer.

What’s great about this interactive doodle, is that you can actually play some tunes straight off the homepage thanks to Google’s clever design. Each string you pluck on their custom guitar logo brings up a different note, and you can even play a few chords if you pluck the strings at once.

They have designed in such a way, that you can pluck notes very quickly, making it possible to come up with your own mini jingle if you have a musically trained head. I’ve had a quick little jam on the Google doodle myself, and below are the notes if you want to play along yourself:

Starting from left to right:

C, E — G, B G (High), B (High) — A, D, F#, A (High)

As you can see, those are two lovely chords that Google has offered up for you’re own personal needs so try it out now, celebrate Les Paul’s 96th birthday and let us know what you can come up with. We’d go as far to say that this is probably the best ever doodle that Google has created – Would you agree?



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