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iOS 5 notifications lagging behind webOS, the market leader?

If you tuned in to watch Apple announce their brand new notifications system for iOS 5 during their WWDC 2011 press conference, most of you will have liked what you saw. However, one article we’ve read suggests that Apple’s new notifications are still not better than Palm’s webOS notifications.

That article comes courtesy of BGR and their article ‘Apple’s iOS 5 notifications are great, but webOS is still better’, written by Zach Epstein. According to the article, the notification system in iOS 5 is definitely better than the previous pop-up method that Apple used, but it’s not the best.

webOS is apparently still better, despite the fact that it’s around 2-years old now. Apple has approved their notifications by adding both lock screen and active phone notifications to the iPhone and other iOS devices, but webOS is far more simple, logical and ‘just works’ states the article.

Needless to say, they are pretty disappointed with what Apple has come up with for their new notifications on iOS 5, but we don’t think it’s that bad. Stating that webOS is significantly better though is a pretty bold claim, one which is sure to divide opinion. If you have had a chance to sample iOS 5 either through sample videos or via the iOS 5 developer beta, let us know what you think of it.

Do you think the notifications on webOS are ahead of Apple’s system on iOS 5?



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