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inFAMOUS 2 power customization feature breakdown

A few days ago you may remember that we offered information regarding trophies for inFAMOUS 2, so today we thought we would offer a power customization feature breakdown. Knowing these upgrades will help you to control Cole even better and make him an even more powerful weapon. Controlling the new Karma system does this.

One of the primary weapons are the bolts, but there are so many different variants that it is hard to remember them all. Being able to use these effectively will allow you to cause a huge amount of devastation. Some of the bolts at your disposal include: Alpha Bolt, Artillery Bolt, Bolt Stream and many more.

Some of these are available from level 1, but some you will have to wait until Level 2. Next up are the blasts. These consist of Alpha Blast, Detonation Blast, Graviton Blast and many more. You can use these for Super Jump and lowering the gravity. Most of these blasts will give you good Karma.

There are a host of other powers too, these include: Kinetic Pulse to create an EM Field; this allows you to lift objects that are close to you. Lightning Hook is another; this reminds us of Mortal Kombat a little, as you will be able to pull an enemy towards you. For a full breakdown of these powers and how to use them visit SegmentNext.



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