HTC Sensation 4G: grab yours early at Walmart

HTC have been enjoying some recent success in the smartphone market lately with their HTC Desire. The company will be hoping for the same success with their latest super smartphone the HTC Sensation 4G.

We previously brought you news that the device will be carried by AT&T following its FCC filing and how it recently went up for pre-order at Carphone Warehouse. The UK release is expected to be June 20th, though according to today’s news it is already on sale at Walmart.

This comes from an article at Android Community, which features images that were reportedly taken at a Walmart in Texas. The two readers that that sent the pictures in have apparently already picked up two of the devices for the very low price of $148.88, claiming the manager had to check the system to see if it was ok to sell them.

The pictures reveal the HTC Sensations with their receipts and boxes, though it is unclear whether they are on offer through contract or not. Head on over to your local Walmart now to see if you’re as lucky as these other readers and grab your device early.

Check out the images for yourself by clicking the link above. Were you as lucky when you visited your local Walmart? Let us know.



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