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HP TouchPad concrete release date, Amazon, OfficMax confirms

There has been much confusion as to a more concrete HP TouchPad release date, but now it seems as though both Amazon and OfficeMax has confirmed that it will be on July 17th. OK, so we know that we need Hewlett Packard to confirm this, but surely the two big retailers know something?

There have been so many rumors stating a release date, with some suggestion indicating June 22nd, but the date mentioned above seems more plausible. When you do a search on Amazon for HP Touchpad you need to pay close attention to the top, as that is where we are being tipped off with this release date.

Now that you have just over a month to get your hands on the TouchPad, it is now time for you to start thinking about accessories. Walmart already has a few on their website, which you can read more about in a post that we wrote back in May. There is not that huge of a choice at the moment, but once the tablet is released we can expect the inventory to expand.

We still do not know how much success HP will have with their entry into the tablet market; we know that it is tough and the likes of Xoom and Samsung do not have the tools to make a dent in iPad sales. Apple’s tablet is not the most powerful on the market, but they seem to still have the market sewn up.

Update: Although Amazon will not ship the TouchPad until July 17th, HP has confirmed that they will make the device available on July 1st.



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