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Gamers report problems on PS3 Firmware update 3.65

A few days ago, we informed you that sony had issued an low-key firmware update for the PS3, which was an optional download for gamers. However, a few days on and we have received numerous complaints that the PS3 update 3.65 is causing some freezing problems on certain software titles.

Let us point out straight away, that this only appears to be affecting a select number of PS3 owners, and definitely does not seem to be widespread at the moment. We’ve also had feedback from users stating that their PS3 system is fine after the 3.65 update, but just so you’re aware, here are a few problems that we’re hearing.

Specific titles that have been mentioned are Resistance 1&2, FIFA 11, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and also various Blu-Ray movies. We’ve been warned about slow downs whilst navigating through the XMB, while some gamers are also experiencing ‘5 second freezes’ during play, some of which require a hard reset of the PS3.

Obviously the situation is still developing, but if PS3 update 3.65 is indeed causing slow down problems and game freezes then it’s our duty to let you know about it. If you have installed the optional firmware update, let us know how your PS3 is handling at the moment.

Can any of you confirm the issues or is your system running fine?



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