Best kids travel games: Car bingo is your best bet, any advances?

We have some good news for those of you who are looking for the best kids travel games, as we have a variety of games which can ensure that the kids are fully equipped with anti-boredom material, while you sit back and enjoy a hassle free trip.

The best thing about travel games in the car, is that the only thing you need most of the time is your imagination, i.e no need to trouble yourself packing board games and so on.

One such game which is a popular choice amongst parents is car bingo. This requires children to draw up a list of 10 items that they think they will see whilst out in the car. This needs to be done before they travel obviously, with each child needing a different list for it to work. Once you have begun your trip, simply call off items on your list as you see them, and the first person to complete the list is the winner.

Another travel game which is popular and also a well known classic is I Spy. Everyone knows the rules to this one, but it may only be worthwhile if you have young children, otherwise you may find yourself getting dirty looks from elder children.

Failing that, you might want to see if the kids are up for playing the geography game. The rules of this game requires a child to start by naming a state, country or place. The next child needs to say the next word which starts with the ending letter of the previous word, so for example a starting word of New York would be followed up by Kentucky and so on.

Try some of these games now, we’d say car bingo is your best bet for keeping the kids entertained on a long trip, full details can be found over at eHow here. We’ve also included a link here to ‘MomsMinivan’ which contains some other useful information on this topic.

What is your best travel game for kids?



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