America’s best truck stops and luxurious features

If you are a truck driver and are due to go on another long shift, but are not too clued up on where truck stops are in your planned destination, you’ll be pleased to know that we have an extensive list of America’s best truck stops, giving you plenty of time to prepare.

We’ve also got information on a few truck stops that provide a little luxury when you are tired after a long drive and want to relax a little. One such example is the truck stop in Ohio which is called 77 Gulliver’s Travel Plaza. It features private showers, a billiards room, lounge with cable tv, an electronic game room, a laundromat and even a hair and taning salon.

Alternatively, another luxurious truck stop location you can try is Sierra Sid’s, which is located in Nevada. This one is rather special as it apparently contains memorabilia from Elvis Presley, such as jewelry belonging to Presley’s father, and also four .45 handguns which Elvis was said to use.

If you’re interested in reading more about some luxurious truck stops across the USA, head to this report over at TruckInfo. If you are just looking for an A-Z of truck stops across 48 states in the US, you’ll find this guide useful from BigTruckDriving Jobs.

If you are a truck driver, let us know your opinions on America’s best truck stops.



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