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Amazing Dots HD 2.0: Addictive new game for the iPad

Challenge friends to a fun game of Amazing Dots HD. The addictive new game for the iPad.

Amazing Dots HD by Blaugames is a game where you pit you wits against the application or a participant. This easy to play game has over 70 levels for you to play endlessly. The aim of the game is to take turns filling squares in with dots.

The idea is to gain part or all of the opposition’s territory. Using Amazing Dots HD is a basic game but it can be very addictive. Much like the game I used to play with a piece of paper with squares on, that you could only get from a math class, Amazing Dots has all the fun without the hassle of finding different color pens and paper.

With loads of individual fun shaped patterns and letters for you to over-come, you will gain experience as to where your best position for your next dot should be. This game might have been made especially for the iPad, but Blaugames also have a version available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Get practice on your own then challenge friends to a game of Amazing Dots HD and show them who is boss. For more details on this fun application, visit the App Store.



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