Woman Gets Facebook Tattoo: 152 Friends on her arm

If you thought you was addicted to Facebook think again, one woman’s love for the social networking website has inspired her to get a unique sleeve tattoo.

The social tattoo features 152 profile pictures from her Facebook account, she claims that she got permission from all of the people who feature in the tattoo and says that “it represents who I am right now and the time we live”. The Tattoo artist who carried out the work was Tattoo Dex and it was designed by Pretty Social.

You can see a video which shows her getting the tattoo at the end of this post, the end product is pretty impressive, however we do not think that too many people will be heading to their local tattoo shop to get their own version. Apparently the tattoo took months, however some people think that the tattoo is in fact fake.

People have joked about what will happen if people unfriend her or change their profile pictures, one thing is for sure it will be a hard tattoo to cover up!

Check out the video below for yourself, do you like the tattoo? Do you think it is fake? Comments on YouTube are as you would expect more interested in the female tattooist than anything else, however there seems to be quite a lot of love for the social tattoo.



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