Why the Wii U may prove difficult to shift for Nintendo

By Chris Cook - Jun 8, 2011

So far this years E3 has provided us with some exciting revelations and one of the most exciting of all was Nintendo’s announcement of their brand new next generation console the Wii U. the news we have provided you with about the console so far had just been speculation until it was officially announced yesterday, for example many rumors surrounded the name of the console.

Though the new console means something different from the others, the company may find its uniqueness poses a potential threat to sales. This is an opinion according to an article PCWorld. The article suggests that the Wii U is so different from past consoles that consumers may be reluctant to buy one for fear of not knowing exactly what is capable of the ‘bizarre’ device.

The main issue is the shear amount of features and functions the Wii U has. Its features include a 6.2” touchscreen display, a stylus for high fidelity sketching and a pair of cameras which give the device augmented reality functions. That’s just the controller.

Where the Wii kept things simple the Wii U may be seen as over complicated in a bid to be different and attract customers, which could result in the opposite effect. You can read the full article by clicking the link above for more details about why Nintendo may face problems shifting these consoles.

Do you agree that Nintendo could struggle to sell the Wii U due to its complicated functions?

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  • slammr28

    I hope they thoroughly test their products with a seal of approval from Nintendo and maybe engage in focus groups to see how casual and hard core gamers feel about this new way of gaming.  With innovation and careful game design, this controller could go a long way… however it could be a flop tooo… *cough, dreamcast controller*