Volvo recall 2012 S60 for faulty fuel pump

By Gary Johnson - Jul 14, 2011

The past year has seen a lot of vehicle recalls for one reason or another, with some of them being quite serious in size and the actual fault. Today we have news of yet another one as Volvo recall 2012 S60 for faulty fuel pump.

Inside Line are reporting in an article that the recall is affecting 7,558 2012 S60s, as in certain conditions the engine may stall or hesitate. The problem has been reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Volvo has said it received 23 warranty claims in the US for the fault.

The fault is caused by a software problem which is not compatible with all fuel pumps, and results in insufficient fuel reaching the pump. It can also make the engine stall as if fuel has run out even though the gauge shows a quarter of a tank left.

There have not been any reported accidents or injuries caused by the fault, and the recall is set to start on June 17. Dealers will change the engine control module software to solve the problem, and owners can contact Volvo on 1-201-768-7300.

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