Pioneer Elite VSX receivers feature AirPlay and Air Jam support

If you take pride in your home cinema set up, you will most likely own a receiving unit. One of the most popular manufacturers of these types of equipment is Pioneer and you will be pleased to know that they have announced the latest line of Elite VSX receiver unit.

What’s most intriguing about this new batch is the company will be offering Apple AirPlay support as well as their own Air Jam compatible systems. These new units include the VSX-53, VSX-52, VSX-51, VSX-50 and VSX-40. Each support external zones for multi-room playback and offer seven channels of no more than 110W. Also all except the VSX-40 will feature DLNA streaming media support.

Pioneer’s Air Jam feature will up to four separate devices like iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads to contribute to the music playlist as long as they each have Pioneer’s free app and are hooked up via the AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter which is optional and will set you back $99.

The five units will become available during the summer and will range in price, depending which model you prefer, from $450 up to $1,100. Check out the official website for more details about which models feature what.

Are you interested in any of these receivers?



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