Orb BR software transforms PS3s, Blu-ray players into media streamer

We have some very interesting news for those of you that prefer streaming their media and movies, particularly their Blu-ray movies as Orb BR have finally released their software download disc on the PS3 and soon all Blu-ray players. This disc is able to transform PlayStation 3s and other Blu-ray players into media streaming centers.

All you have to do is buy the Orb BR disc which will set you back $19.99, insert the disc into the players you would like to stream your Blu-rays from and download the free Orb Caster software to their PC or Mac and the iOS or Android software for the device you wish to stream them to.

As I mentioned earlier the Orb BR disc is at the moment available to the PS3 and according to the official website will be available to other Blu-ray players soon. The software is compatible with iTunes and allows for streaming of internet content and local content in up to full 1080p HD.

MKV video is also supported by Orb BR which means content from sites like YouTube, Amazon, NetFlix, HuluPlus and Hulu. Check out their official website for more details about the Orb BR software.

Will you be getting this for your Blu-ray player?



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