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Nintendo mark Zelda 25th anniversary with retro game releases for fans

For many Nintendo fans, yesterday’s E3 press conference was all about hearing the latest information on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game. And while Nintendo did reveal some details on that title, they decided to focus their Zelda portion on the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

The company announced that to mark the occassion, they will be sending their Nintendo orchestra around the world with a series of concerts to mark the occasion. Those of you who watched the event last night would have seen the orchestra play some classic Zelda themes and jingles, so the idea of seeing them live in your country will be a great idea.

On the game side of things, there will be re-releases for Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Virtual Console, available right now. This will be followed up by the Ocarina of Time 3DS release next week, Zelda Four Swords for the DS / DSi sometime in September and then finally Zelda Skyward Sword after that for the Nintendo Wii and recently announced Wii U console. It’s worth pointing out that Four Swords will be a free download, so look out for that.

Skyward Sword will be releasing with a special addition golden Wiimote to mark the anniversary, while Nintendo also unveiled plans to release two audio CDs for fans, which will contain a selection of themes from the franchise for you to enjoy.

All in all, it was a great way to kick off Nintendo’s E3 conference, although we’re a little bit disappointed that there isn’t a remake for Link to the Past, as the classic SNES game remains the finest Zelda game to date in my opinion. Maybe it’s still planned though for the future, let’s wait and see.

What did you make of the Zelda 25th Anniversary celebrations? We’ve added the announcement video for you below, enjoy!



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