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Minecraft Xbox 360 release: Will Kinect support ruin experience?

If you are a Minecraft fanatic, E3 2011 would have been especially satisfying for you, as Microsoft confirmed that Minecraft would be coming to the Xbox 360 console exclusively with Kinect support. However, we’ve been hearing that this move may upset a few hardcore players.

Microsoft announced at E3 that Minecraft will be making it’s console debut this Winter on the Xbox 360. We’ve included the exact moment the news was made live in an E3 recap video below.

Now on to the potential fears though, as we’ve heard from a few of you that Minecraft with Kinect controls will ruin the experience completely. The immediate question that a lot of you are seeking answers to is: ”Will Minecraft will playable with just the Xbox 360 controller?”

Our guesses to this is yes, as it would be pretty outrageous if they didn’t include this as an option for those who don’t want to use hands-free controls. We also feel that it’s best to wait until Microsoft demo Minecraft with Kinect first, before jumping to conclusions that it’s going to be terrible. If we hear from Microsoft regarding the Minecraft control aspects on the Xbox 360, we’ll update this below.

If you are a Minecraft lover with an Xbox 360, let us know your thoughts on the upcoming game with Kinect support. Do you welcome the idea or not?



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