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iOS 5 features: Windows Phone similarities listed

Yesterday we gave you a few examples of how Apple copied Android, Blackberry and webOS, now we thought we would offer you details of some iOS 5 features and Windows Phone similarities, which will be listed for you below. It was always inevitable that some of the 200 plus new features were going to be similar to what is already on the market – but not as much as this.

Now Microsoft could take this two ways, be angry or just be impressed with how Apple is flattering them. However, we know that Apple will take what is already on the market and do what they have been doing for years, and that is to improve on it. Although, we have to wonder how they can improve on a dedicated camera button, which Windows 7 has had for some time now?

Looking at the Ergonomic keyboard on iOS 5, it seems to be very similar to what Windows Phone 8 will have. That’s not all, the integrated Twitter is a feature that Windows Phone Mango has, although WinRumors is not too certain how this will look in the complete version of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

The Newsstand feature is also very similar to what Mango will have, along with improved messaging with better integration. After looking at all these similarities you have to wonder how far Microsoft were when they showed them off? The reason we say this is because Apple has already done most of the work and has even allowed developers to get close and personal with their new iOS 5. So how can we say that Apple copied Microsoft, when the former is a lot further on than the latter?



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