Elder Scrolls V Skyrim E3 screenshots – beautiful graphics

By Jamie Pert - Jun 8, 2011

Recently we suggested that Elder Scrolls V Skyrim could be a serious contender for this year’s game of the year 2011 accolade, now screenshots from E3 2011 have been posted on the official Elder Scrolls Facebook page, you will not be disappointed.

There are 9 screens in total (you can see the album here), we have embedded three of our favorites below if you check them out we’re sure that you will agree that Bethesda has made Skyrim look much much better than Oblivion.

The screens show us a close look at a dragon from Skyrim along with one of the game’s new and improved horses, also one nice touch is the bright blue eyes the enemy has in this image.

If you check out all of the screens you can gain a lot of insight about the upcoming game, one of the pics shows our first-look at Guardian Stone, what part these stones will play in the game is currently unknown but they look pretty intriguing.

Check out the screens below, you can click them for high-res images.

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