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Demands for iPad 2 availability mean more CMI panels in 3Q 2011

More CMI panels are required with higher demands for iPad 2 availability.

The rumor mill has been busy with news about LCD panel maker Chimei Innolux (CMI) having to produce touch panels to Apple to be certified for iPad 3. In an article by Jackie Chang on DIGITIMES, the report is on the demand of panels for iPad 2 is to increase.

CMI based in Taiwan have had their June shipments of panels for iPad 2 reported to be targeting around 400,000-500,000 units, with new information coming from industry sources.

With upstream glassmakers, saying that CMI’s demand for small to medium size glass is not at a high rate. The June shipments are predicted to be about 30,000-40,000 units only. This seems to be a distance away from the quote of 400,000-500,000 units that CMI had forecast.

Their main concern has been on developing in-plane switching technology and advancing in touchscreen applications. CMI expect an estimation for iPad 2 panels of over one million units for the month of July that is a vast increase.

Production of Apple’s iPad 2 has risen since June, and Wintek and TPK Holding have nearly obtained their target of three and half to four million units in monthly shipments. Wintek and TPK Holding also Taiwan-based touch module suppliers for iPad 2 have made it apparent that CMI will need to put their finger out to keep their suppliers Apple.



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