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Angry Birds Rio Carnival update 1.2.0, moving backgrounds a hit?

Today we have some great news for fans of Angry Birds, a new update has been released for Angry Birds Rio, this brings Rio to v1.2.0 and there is lots to tell you about.

Rovio has brought a new world to Rio called Carnival Upheaval with this update, this consist of 15 new levels and there are now more achievements to unlock. Whilst playing the new game you will notice that there is a new bird type to use and a new hidden fruit to earn in the awards section.

We have embedded a video below which introduces you to the new update and gives us a glimpse of Blu, the Macaw and some of the new levels. According to Rovio this update was originally scheduled for July, but the new app version is already available at Apple’s App Store and the Amazon App Store.

Feedback so far suggests that the game’s moving backgrounds annoy some people, one person goes as far as saying that this feature alone will stop them from playing as it gives them a headache.

Check out the new game update for yourself and then tell us what you think about the moving backgrounds in the comments section, do the backgrounds annoy you / make you dizzy?



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