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3D Music Player: Free application for iOS

A clever application which is a fully functional music player has recently been updated. 3D Music Player is a free application for iOS.

Released by California based DigitalCoolio, the application offers a pure 3D surround sound service allowing users to experience their music like never before. The app makes use of audio post processing technology which creates a realistic sound environment. There is 3D stereo control, pitch and ultra-fine control, excellent equalization, and more.

It has all the features you will ever need from a music player and it won’t cost you a dime. It allows you to play all your favorite music in a way you have never heard it before. There are several music genres to choose from including Rock, Pop, R&B, Classical and more.

User’s can experiment with the sound of their music with the various settings available. The control allows the user to alter the speed and pitch as the music is played. 3D Music Player 1.0.1 is available worldwide on the App Store free of charge. iOS 4.0 or later required.



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