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Workout your brain with ‘Just a Ball’ on iPad, iPhone and iPod

Keep your eye on the ball and workout your brain with Just a Ball on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Just a Ball by AngryOrange is a fun physics based game that involves you trying to get a soccer ball into a box, sounds easy, but the aim is to use the surrounding items and obstacles to maneuver the ball with skill.

Using gravity and logic, you will find this app addictive and challenging. The great graphics set on a sunny day will help you relax and use your mind to get the best score possible.

With 21 levels to progress through Just a Ball will get you using your brain to get successful combinations and progress further. Challenge your physics reactions and solve all the puzzles.

This fun physics puzzle game will have you playing for hours, no need to get frustrated it’s Just a Ball. For more details, head over to the App Store.



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