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Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita: First Gameplay shows Cole from inFAMOUS

In perhaps the biggest announcement of Sony’s E3 2011 press conference aside from the new PlayStation Vita handheld, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono took to the stage to unveil that Street Fighter X Tekken would also be coming to Sony’s new portable system.

In a rare appearance from the Capcom’s lead man, he first unveiled a new cinematic for the console version of Street Fighter X Tekken which we all know is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 at some point next year.

We now know that it will be joined by a separate version on the PS Vita and perhaps more exciting for fans, it will come with bonus character Cole, who you will probably know from the inFAMOUS series.

Ono then stealthily unveiled a Vita from inside his pocket, and showed the latest build of the game and in-turn gameplay of Cole in action. The graphics are looking pretty immense as you can imagine, just check out the included video below to see it for yourself.

Unfortuately, there’s no date on the PS Vita version yet, but we expect it to release some time in 2012 after the console version. Let us know your thoughts on the announcements.



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