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Sony PS Vita vs iPod Touch: competitive price to overcome Apple

Many Sony fans disrupted there sleep patterns last night as they stayed up to be amongst the first to hear about the Japan based company’s latest offerings. Their efforts were seemingly worth it as there was a few treats including the announcement that AT&T would get the exclusive obligation of being sole carrier in the U.S for the NGP or what will officially be named the PlayStation Vita.

This news also revealed the official price of the portable console and it’s a competitive one. AT&T will offer the device for $250 for the Wi-Fi only version and will also offer the 3G version for $300. Though this price may seem reasonable to many hardcore gamers, there are some analysts, like Dan Ernst, who believe it is too expensive for the rest of the market

Never the less the pricing has got rivals offering similar gaming devices to the market, like Apple with their iPod Touch and Nintendo with their 3DS, wondering what impact it could have on their sales. The latest iPod devices’ costs start from $229 which is still cheaper and the company is expected to launch their next generation iPod Touch soon.

This also gives Apple the upper hand as they can take the PS Vita’s price into consideration when pricing their new model. Sony will be hoping the launch of their latest PSP will increase their falling sales in the mobile gaming market.

Check out the article at Apple Insider for full details on the competition between Apple’s and Sony’s gaming devices. Which portable gaming device do you prefer?



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