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PlayStation Vita Official, AT&T 3G connectivity revealed, price unknown.

We have been watching Sony’s E3 2011 keynote for just over an hour and we have finally got to see Sony’s next-generation portable in action, as we suggested previously it is called the PlayStation Vita and is extremely impressive.

Sony’s Kazuo Hirai made the announcement a short while ago and revealed that there will be a WiFi model and a WiFi and 3G model available, no pricing details were given, however Sony has partnered with AT&T for the 3G access. The news of AT&T connectivity didn’t seem to go down too well with the E3 audience, however Hirai did state that you will also have access to 24,000 WiFi hotspots.

So far during the keynote we have seen three PlayStation Vita titles in action, these are Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ruin and ModNation Racers, we have to say that Uncharted looks amazing and the range of controls available is impressive, also the lighting in the game is like nothing we have ever seen before on a handheld device.

Ruin is not just a Vita game, it is also coming to PS3 and both versions will feature something dubbed Continuous Client, this uses cloud storage to allow you to continue from where you left off on one machine and continue on the other.

Hopefully some videos will hit YouTube soon which show the PlayStation Vita in action, believe me you will not be disappointed! Sadly no price has been announced yet, therefore we will have to keep you posted.



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