Microsoft Kinect is for games, but hacks are useful

By Chris Cook - Jun 7, 2011

Since Microsoft launched their popular peripheral, the Xbox 360 Kinect, it has seen a lot of manipulations and hacks. It is primarily designed for playing games; however it seems these hacks come in useful as they enable the device to do anything from controlling small household robots to do your chores to the more recent 3D effect hack.

Now it seems the latest hack involves the new 3D Kinect camera itself. The hacker behind the latest exploitation is Matt Bell. He has taken advantage of the new 3d technology built into the Kinect camera and uses it to get shots of standing objects whilst syncing with a PC.

These images then form the 3D object on the display so Bell can show whoever he wants. His main aim is to use the technology to create software that will aid people selling things on EBay for example or estate agents.

Bell is one of hundreds of computer programmers who wish to take advantage of the Kinect’s possibilities for building beneficial things like developing games for disabled people so they cope better. Check out the full article over at Bloomberg for more about Bell and his intentions.

What do you think of people that hack?

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