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iPhone 4 price dropped at Walmart

As expected Steve Jobs didn’t reveal a new iPhone 5 yesterday at the WWDC event. The device is not thought to be revealed during the rest of the event either, but that hasn’t stopped the iPhone 4 price being dropped at Walmart.

Until the end of the month you can now pick up a 16GB iPhone 4 for $147 at Walmart. This is over $50 off the normal price but still requires that you sign up for a two year contract, according to an article on AppleInsider. The offer which started yesterday before the WWDC event had even begun covers both the AT&T and Version models in black and white.

It is looking highly likely that we won’t see a new version of the iPhone before September of this year, so the deal may be enough to tempt some consumers. This is not the first time the iPhone 4 has been discounted, late last year a similar price cut was offered by Radio Shack which saw the chain quickly sell out of the model.

Walmart first began selling the iPhone 3GS in some of its stores back in 2008, and have since added the iPhone 4 and iPad to its lineup. Will this price cut tempt you to buy an iPhone 4?



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