Hands-on with the PlayStation Vita: Small hands only

By Peter Chubb - Jun 7, 2011

During Sony’s E3 keynote yesterday they announced that their new PSP device would be known under a different name than NGP. It comes as no surprise that consumers will want details of a hands-on with the PlayStation Vita. Looking at early reviews it seems that the device is for small hands only, as it can be a little uncomfortable for those with larger hands.

The PS Vita or PSV was there for all to see yesterday, but there is nothing like touching a new device just to see if it feels as good as it looks. When you do get a chance to hold it you will notice just how light it is, feeling a little more like a smartphone than a portable games console. This is very surprising, as the 5-inch screen is pretty large for such a device.

Engadget notes that the finish is a mixture of matte plastic and glossy, with the latter being used for the buttons, which are much smaller to the handheld that it is replacing. Having said that, they will still do the job and goes well with the overall design. Sony has taken a design feature from the iPod Nano, and that is the volume buttons.

Just when we think we know all there is about the PlayStation Vita something is thrust upon us, and that is a strange port. Sony was not able to say what this was, but we know that it was not for Thunderbolt. However, it came as no surprise that there was a larger port on the bottom for proprietary USB and / or networking cables.

We can remember when we held the first PSP after about 5 minutes it became uncomfortable to hold, and the Vita is just the same. It does seem as though Sony only cater for children or adults with small hands. This could become a bit of an issue, as you want to be able to hold something in your hands for longs periods at a time without them aching.

We do not have a definite shipping date yet, as we cannot take December 31 as gospel. However, we did report earlier that the preorder page was now live along with all the pricing details. Do you think that the design will be an issue, and can you see that the last day of the year will be when Sony releases the PS Vita?

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  • Sae


    PSVita is big for me.
    I do have small hands and I love my PSPgo. It fits perfectly in my small female hands. Games are usually made for man, but I know some other gamer girls who love PSPgo too.It surprised me to find out that some guys with big hands think that PSVita is small 🙂 Sony should make PSP in different sizes so we could choose which one fits best our hands ;)Have a nice day u all!Good luck with your PSVIta

  • Anonymous

    3ds is more uncomfortable than psp -_-