WWDC 2011: Apple’s iCloud dedication in the millions

There will be a number of subjects discussed during WWDC 2011, but we are very interested in Apple’s iCloud dedication, which is reported to be in the millions – between $100 and $150 million in fact. This is how much the company has paid music labels to be able to supply their music to customers via Cloud.

The amount they have to pay labels differ, but The New York Post is reporting figures of $25-$50 million each. This is said to be an enticement to get them to sign up to the scheme, and it seems that all the big players are now on board. Google has been hoping to do the same thing, but looks as though they will now need to put their money where their mouth is and offer a better incentive.

It is no secret that Google and Apple will be battling it out once again to have the lion’s share of the Clould market, which is expected to move up a gear in the coming months. Amazon already offer such a feature, but it will be nothing like the one that Apple plans to launch – hopefully during WWDC 2011 later today.

We recently reported that there could be a yearly subscription fee to use Apple’s iCloud service of $25, that’s on top of the advertising space that they might sell. So we know that Apple is committed to this new service, but we would like to know if you will be and if you will cough up $25 each year.



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