Top 10 toys for Christmas 2011: Surprisingly soon

By Gary Johnson - Dec 16, 2011

Summer may not have even begun yet, but a leading UK retailer has already revealed what it thinks will be the top ten toys for Christmas 2011 surprisingly soon. Supermarket giant Tesco have put together a list of toys which it thinks kids will want most this coming holiday season.

With around two hundred shopping days still to go until Christmas, and before many people have taken their summer vacation we have retailers already thinking of Christmas. Top of the list is what’s known as a Fijit. This is a brightly colored robot which dances and talks to kids about what is on TV according to an article by Caroline Grant of The Sun.

Next up is the Kidizooom Twist camera for kids, which will allow your little ones to capture those special moments without the worry of them handling an expensive and delicate camera. Finishing off the top three is the Barbie Doggie Park.

With the latest Transformers film, Dark of the Moon, due to be released this year it’s no surprise to see Transformers 3 Optimus Prime coming in at number four. Further down at number seven is an old favorite Lego, with the Lego City Police Station. Last but no means least is the latest version of the classic board game Monopoly which now has electronic banking. Use the link above to see the full top ten.

Do you think it is far too early to be thinking about Christmas toys?

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