Road trip essentials and free iOS app planner

If you are planning to go on a road trip this Summer, we have some essential information to give you now which will help you to prepare for your journey. We’ve also located a fantastic iOS app which will help you to plan on your iPhone or iPad too.

Firstly, on to the road trip essentials and as you can imagine, there’s plenty to remember. The first and possibly one factor that you may always forget is space. It’s not nice going on a long road trip if you can barely move in the car, so a good idea is always remember to plan your trip with space in mind so your group is nice and comfortable inside.

Next up is ice. Most of you will agree that there’s no better feeling than having an ice cold drink when you’re stuck at crossroads, trying to pinpoint on a map which direction you should head to next. Keeping a cooler box handy inside the boot or indeed inside the car can ensure that the passengers and also the driver can enjoy an ice cold beverage when needed.

If you’re interested in hearing more, head to the useful list over at Travellious for more road trip essentials. Alternatively, you may enjoy this other article we’ve picked out for you from Disney’s Family Fun, which lists some road trip essentials in check box format.

As for the free iPhone app, simply head to the app store and download ‘Road Tripper’. It’s a great app which allows you to map out your entire journey, ensuring that the chances of you getting lost are kept to a minimum. Best of all – it’s free so you can have no complaints.

Do you have any essential road trip advice for our readers?



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