Nintendo’s next-gen console: new name rumored, not Wii 2

By Chris Cook - Jun 6, 2011

Today is the day a lot of Apple fans will have been waiting for as it marks the start of the WWDC 2011, which has already kicked off where the company is revealing its latest products. This week is also the week of the E3 conference which will be of interest to the gamers out there as this is when games developers reveal their new products.

One company that may be stealing some of the headlines from the E3 events is Nintendo with their next generation console. The event kicks off tomorrow and rumors of the much anticipated machine have been working overtime.

The company has already announced that its new console will be debuted at E3 and the most asked question of all is what will the console be called? Until now it has been referred to as codename ‘Project Café’ and ‘Wii 2’ but now rumors suggest Nintendo’s new product is be more likely to be released with the more basic name ‘Nintendo.’

We will have to wait until the events that occur tomorrow morning to know for sure what the console’s exact name will be. In the meantime you can check out the article over at Gameinformer for more about the new name.

What do you think the name for the console will be?

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