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New iOS 5 preview before WWDC 2011, magic not reality

As we all sit and patiently wait for the curtain to lift on Apple’s WWDC 2011 event which is just hours away, we have something a bit magical to show you now. A new video has appeared online, showing a brand new take on Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 software update.

This ‘exclusive preview on iOS 5’ video comes courtesy of Simon Pierro, a German magician who has come up with some amazing footage which combines a few unseen features in iOS along with his clever magic and illusion tricks.

Aside from the visually impressive tricks seen in the video, we get a look at some useful new gestures in his version of iOS 5, particularly those for the photo album and live weather reports. There’s also a few tricks in his video chat application – we doubt we’ll be seeing that in the official version any time soon though.

Just to point out for those unsuspecting viewers, this isn’t a real version of iOS 5 of course. We’re pretty sure you’ll like the video though, so take a look at it below and let us know your thoughts on his tricks.

The weather application looks pretty nice, although it’s very Android like you have to say. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for the latest updates on what actually is announced live at WWDC.



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