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Heyzap for iPhone: Share habits on Facebook and Twitter

Confirm your individual requirements with Heyzap for the iPhone and share habits on Facebook and Twitter.

Heyzap works by getting users to check-in to all the games they like playing, passing their habits on to Twitter and Facebook. This helps Heyzap to compile statistics and promote popular games to the users and their friends. In a report by Keith Andrew on Pocket Gamer, Heyzap is concentrating on the users preferences instead of just promoting app to all users consecutively.

This application that is now available for the iPhone puts the user first by using an algorithm that adapts to certain individual tastes. Customized knowledge to suit your needs will help the developers and the users get the most out of this app. Participants are promoted to challenge their friends to gain ownership of a title.

A great app for feedback is Heyzap, as it will find out what the player wants using a social environment. For more information, visit Pocket Gamer.



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