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Halo 4: Release date details and first trailer for Xbox 360

We told you that it was coming prior to Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference, and the company confirmed it right at the very end of their keynote. Halo 4 is real, and it’s the first of a brand new trilogy in the series and won’t be developed by Bungie this time.

Instead the series will continue with new developer 343 Industries, with Microsoft Studios once again resuming publishing duties. The intial leak definitely took the element of surprise out of Microsoft’s announcement at E3, but the accompanying trailer showing Master Chief definitely still gave us the ‘wow’ factor.

The trailer shows Master Chief appearing from the same ship that featured at the end of Halo 3, making his way on this ship to another planet. The game isn’t being developed by Bungie as we mentioned above, but we have to say that the visuals are looking very impressive from 343 Industries. We can’t wait to see another teaser.

As for release, the end of the trailer confirms that Halo 4 will be out sometime during Holiday 2012. We’re guessing that Microsoft are now going to remain quite hush hush on the title, but we’re hoping that another reveal of some sort is planned for the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Watch the first trailer for the game and below and give us your immediate reaction to Halo 4. Are you impressed?



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