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Hairstyle Booth HD for Apple iPad

Create the style you want or one you would like to try out with Hairstyle Booth HD for the iPad.

If you do not have the confidence to get that latest hairstyle, try it out for size on Hairstyle Booth HD. Using your own photographs adapt a hairstyle or have fun with a look you would never choose. Hairstyle Booth HD by Appdicted has over 600 hairstyles, mustaches and beards for you to use with male and female styles.

Create long and short styles and get feedback from friends and family on Facebook and Twitter or save your results as a template for your regular hairdresser. Use countless styles on one photo or add different looks to many images. Maybe you are just investigating a new style or feel a friend would be better suited with an update and you need to convince them.

Have fun with Hairstyle Booth and attach a mustache to an image of your mum, (I wouldn’t need to, she already has one) or add a beard on to your little nephew. Maybe you are just curious what you or your friends would look like with different hairstyles.

Get an insight into different looks with the easy to use Hairstyle Booth HD. For more information, visit the App Store.



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