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GarageBand for Apple iPad: New in v1.0.1

Create great music in your own recording studio with GarageBand for Apple iPad.

GarageBand by Apple lets your iPad become a multi-touch band with musical instruments at your fingertips. Play guitars, pianos, drums, basses and organs on your device wherever you are. The instruments available will help a complete novice turn professional.

With the built-in microphone and guitar, you can record your music and mix up to 8 tunes to share. Play on multiple instruments using the Multi-Touch keyboard and add beats with electronic and acoustic drums kits. Add your voice and create different fun sounds with the microphone.

The Smart Keyboard and Smart Guitars let you create quick chords and finger picking patterns for basic tunes. A Smart Bass gives you options of an electric or upright version and the Smart Drums help you to drag and create your own beats onto a grid.

Share your tunes using email and show off using loops and audio recordings. Have fun with the Mixer for fine volume control including echo, reverb or pan. There are over 250 professionally recorded loops for you to add as backing to your music.

Become a leading band member using the GarageBand and obtain new musical skills. For more details, visit the App Store.



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