Free iTunes multiple downloads with iCloud: Available Now

iTunes in the Cloud is a new feature and is all part of the new iCloud service. There are so many things that can be discussed about this, but we thought that the part about free multiple downloads needed a mention. This means that you can download music that you have bought to all of your devices, be it iOS Mac or even PC.

What this does is store all of your purchase history, now we are not certain how far it will go back, or if it only remembers from the moment that you download new music from iTunes now. We know that iTunes 10.3 is ready for you to download and give the new service a try in beta.

While having a look around the new version of iTunes we are finding it hard to actually see what is different. It seems to be very subtle, but we know it is there. All you need do is go to your purchase history in iTunes (once updated to the latest version) and then tap to download your songs to your other devices.

We have now learned that the new beta version of iTunes is only available for those in the US, and nowhere else at the moment. We have no idea how long it will before iTunes 10.3 will be available to users in other countries. Wish Apple had told us sooner rather than spend half an hour looking for new features that were not there. For more details visit or here for more information on iCloud.



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