EA just owned Activision with zero dollar Battlelog service

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2011

With Actvision announcing their premium Elite service for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 and other supported COD games, you just knew that EA were going to launch a counter attack with their own move, and they look to have found the answer with their Battlelog service.

EA DICE have given Battlefield 3 players their own detailed separate stats service, and at the same time, they have sent a clear message to Activision that making fans pay for additional services such as the ones detailed in Elite is just not cool.

Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at DICE has revealed details about Battleblog on the official BF3 blog, informing gamers that the service will feature detailed player stats, social tools (Facebook, Twitter?), the ability to manage friends lists, set up squads and create platoons, and wait it – built in voice chat.

If we’re not mistaken, these are the some of the core features that Activison are charging MW3 players a monthly fee for on Elite, and EA knows it – just check out the following sneaky quote from Troedsson below:

”Battlelog will be available for the monthly fee of (drum roll)… zero dollars. ”

Another thing we respect about this, is that this has seemingly gone under the radar, as if it’s a normal thing – giving something extra to the community at no extra cost, unlike Activision’s big announcement which caused some gamers to turn away in frustation after finding out Activision want a few extra dollars for in return.

Is this an early indication that Battlefield 3 will be the most popular choice this year ahead of Modern Warfare 3? Probably too early to tell, but giving this extra stats service is a great sign that EA DICE know how to make the community happy.

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  • SollyPurr

    BF3 is by far the best shooter i’ve played since MAG. I won’t be paying for MW2: The Full Priced Expansion Pack and neither should any self-respecting gamer. Activision needs to realise that they can’t keep screwing the consumer over. I’m done with CoD until they iterate the engine.