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E3 2011: Sony’s live stream – Watch press conference via PlayStation Home

Last week we informed you about the surprising news that Sony would be providing a live stream of their E3 press conference as it doesn’t happen very often. Well things just got a bit more exciting for PS3 owners, as it has been confirmed that a live stream will also be provided inside the PlayStation Home virtual world.

Talk about impressive by the company. No longer will you have to rely on searching for a live stream or blog any more, just simply head into PlayStation Home near kick off time and you’ll be able to join thousands of friends inside PlayStation Home and check out everything that is announced live on stage – pretty cool.

If you prefer not to do that, you’ll still be able to check out a live stream of Sony’s conference via the PlayStation Blog here. Sony’s Jack Tretton will once again be announcing the main highlights of the show, one of which we know will be the PlayStation Vita, or NGP, aka the PSP2 that everyone’s waiting to hear more on.

That’s probably it as far as new hardware goes, but there’s going to be plenty on the software side of things of course. Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 will be two games to look out for, hopefully Sony will announce a few new titles for the PS3 as well.

Will you be watching the live stream inside PlayStation Home?



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