Diablo III coming to PS3, Sony’s shock E3 2011 announcement?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 6, 2011

Up until today we were under the impression that Diablo III was only coming to PC and Mac OS X, however a recent EuroGamer article suggests that it may in fact be coming to PlayStation 3 a well.

Before you get too excited please not that there has been no hard evidence suggesting this, however a new job position recently showed up on Blizzard’s career pages, here they are looking for a “PlayStation 3 Specialist to be a “key contributor on the Diablo team”. You can see the listing for yourself here, one extract clearly states that they are looking for someone to “Design, implement, and maintain game systems to work on the Playstation 3”.

We wonder whether Blizzard is planning on bringing Diablo III to the PlayStation 3, previously we saw the original Diablo game arrive on the first PlayStation console, therefore it is not completely unforeseen territory.

Currently there has been no official release date announced for any version of Diablo III, hopefully E3 2011 will give us some extra insight on this matter, however we have previously heard that a beta will begin sometime during Q3 2011, therefore a release date depends massively on the success of the beta testing.

Would you buy Diablo III if a PlayStation 3 version was released?

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  • citizen senior

    Just get the heck on with it,already,my arthritis is already giving me gyp,I’ll be claiming my old- age pension by the time this gets released.Plants Vs Zombies,does has the benefit of Not having Deckard Cain in it,unless he’s a zombie,but it’s not the same.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t buy it for PS3, have to play that game with a mouse and keyboard.