Bogus live WWDC 2011 stream teases Apple fans

As most of you will be well aware, Apple’s WWDC 2011 event is just hours away and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Apple will be providing a live stream of WWDC either. But that hasn’t stopped a few sources from claiming that there will be a live stream.

It’s almost tradition every year for there to be no live steam of the event, only live blogs. Apple has made a few exceptions of course, but in the rare occassions that they do provide a live stream, you’ll usually need a Mac or iOS device to watch it anyway.

Upon having a last minute browse to see if Apple had changed their mind about providing a live stream of the event, we came across a UStream channel which claims that they’ll be offering a live stream of WWDC 2011.

Our first thoughts on this is that it’s a fake, and this will either stay offline when the event starts, or it will be switched to some devoted Apple fan who will be giving a commentary on what he’s reading from a live blog – we bet $5 on that outcome, anyone prepared to go higher?

However, it’s no laughing matter. We’re sure Apple fans are getting fed up at the fact that every year there is no WWDC live stream, made even worse when Apple chooses to release it a few days later on their events website.

Do you think the UStream link will turn out to be a fake? Are you satisfied watching a live blog year after year?



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