Apple receives iCloud complaint before WWDC 2011

By Gary Johnson - Jun 6, 2011

Leading up to today’s WWDC event we have heard a lot of news about Apple’s plans for a music streaming service. Now we have news that Apple receives iCloud complaint before WWDC 2011 even starts.

According to an article on The Local, a German music streaming site has lodged an anti-trust claim against Apple. The company Simfy who are based in Cologne which offer a service that is similar to Spotify, are complaining that Apple are preventing Simfy’s iPad app from hitting the App Store to protect its own iCloud service.

CEO of Simfy Gerrit Schumann said “We have always considered Apple an important partner, but it is unacceptable for Apple to be able to control the market in this way.” He went on to say that its customers are unhappy there is no app for the iPad, and even though the company are fans of Apple’s products they can’t understand why their app seems to have been blocked.

The company claims to have been waiting for 15 weeks since it first sent the app to Apple for approval, and the process usually takes no longer than three weeks. An iPhone version of the app was approved in around seven days previously. At the time of writing an Apple spokesperson could not be reached in Germany.

Do you think Apple would intentionally hold back an application to suit its own needs?

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